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SBS-1 / RadarBox Interface

BSA (BaseStation Analyser) and RBA (RadarBox Analyser)

This product is supplied as an add on to our databases, to provide a link to the Kinetic SBS-1 BaseStation receiver and the Airnav RadarBox receiver.

What started as a small project (QLU, the forerunner to BSA) gradually grew into a major undertaking as more and more functionality was added, but this needed to be amended to allow the product to be used with other products on the market (for example AirNav's RadarBox). BSA/RBA is designed to interface with these products allowing access to data within our databases in a format that will appear on the users screen and allowing direct logging from that interface.

It has now evolved in to a display that 'plugs' in to Kinetic's SBS-1 Mode S Decoder and places a display on or adjacent to the BaseStation screen. This list is sorted by registration and shows the registration, mode_s code, callsign, ICAO code, and a note of whether you have seen this aircraft.

Opens from Qplusec (where you enter your password).
Does not use the windows clipboard and does not use copy and paste.
It does not steal the windows focus (typing in notepad, email etc are uneffected).
It shows Hexcode, Reg, type & callsign*, all colour-coded to highlight a new frame or paintscrape. The information can be sorted A-Z on each heading
Click on any registration gives full details of the aircraft including base and operator.
Multiple option menu for listing everything, just military, just civil, excluding light aircraft (gliders etc), or just listing needed frames and/or paintscapes.
Versions available for either Kinetic SBS1 or AirNav RadarBox.
Auto Compacting - to avoid file size growing.
One click logging up - as a frame or paintscrape automatically.
Alert sound after detecting a new frame or paintscrape - can be limited to civil or military.
Basestation.sqb file optional updating with just Reg, IcaoType, & 'interested' - frame or paintscrape. (Uses BaseStation's 'inverse interested')
New BaseStation.sqb population including option to add light aircraft based on regions of the world.

(BaseStation.sqb facilities are not available in the RadarBox version)

Requirements: To use BSA or RBA you will need:
Aerodata Quantum installed and running on your PC.
a current subscription to Aerodata Quantum.
Kinetic's BaseStation software version 129 onwards (or Airnav RadarBox)

The cost of either BSA or RBA is ?16 and this is a one off payment.

Please Note: BSA and RBA will only remain up to date where a current subscription to Quantum+ is maintained - this is covered in the terms and conditions of use.