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Flying high
Flying high


Our fully relational Windows databases provide a complete logging and reference system for the modern day aviation enthusiast with the status and history of nearly 1.8 million airframes. Our ultimate goal is to include details of all aircraft ever built.


Quantum databases bring the most advanced user friendly database technology to aviation enthusiasts, photographers and researchers. It combines aircraft records, airfield information, UK air maps and frequencies plus a sophisticated photographic catalogue and digital picture display facility together with an E-mail group membership and updating system, to give a fast, versatile, interactive tool for the professional and the amateur user.

Flying high
Flying high

Civil and Military
Detailed and flexible searches
Over 1,839,777 (nearly 1.9 Million !!) airframes and over 2,900,000 registrations
Country Registers
Production Lists - (4770 different aircraft production lists)
Operator listings
Auto logging
Editable log book
Personal flight log
UK maps showing airfields and including frequencies and residents lists
Airshow dates
Database statistics
Backup and Restore Facilities
Photographic Section
Multiple print options
Selcal search
Compatible with SBS-1 Mode_S Receiver and AirNav Radar Box
Over 459,977 Mode_S codes included in Quantum+

   All figures quoted here are correct at 02nd August 2017