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Aerodata's BaseStation.sqb file

Since Aerodata were initially approached in 2004 by Kinetic for information to use with their 'SBS1 Virtual Radar', we have been at forefront of developing utilities and add-ons to enhance the overall information and usability of Kinetic's BaseStation.

We released the XMLhistory removal tool and our QLU program which highlights those needed on the display and logs them if you wish.

We also have more tie ups between HexCode, Registration AND ICAO type than any other database - 496,500.

For that reason, we have a pre-populated 'starter' file that contains all the tie-ups so that instead of just HexCodes, your BaseStation software will display the registration and type. 

This file with around 94,000 contains all known Hexcodes for

  • Airliners

  • Corporate and twin engined aircraft

  • Military aircraft

  • It also contains all other aircraft registered or based in Western Europe excluding Microlights, Gyrocopters, Balloons and Gliders which would probably never carry the hardware to transmit their code anyway. 

Obviously, the files only contains information that is already in your AERODATA database. We are just assisting in your BaseStation being able to also have some of the same information.

There are no authoritative or official sources for worldwide Mode_S information. All tie-ups continued in our file have come from our own independent research, personal sightings and topped up by unofficial sources on the web. The file was 'assembled' only using the Gatwick Aviation Society SBSpopulate file which automatically completed the 'country' field. Some of those counties are known to be incorrect and, if in doubt, they should be cross-checked with your Quantum Database.

However, we must point that :-

  • these files are only for users who know how to use them. It is simple if you follow the instructions. If you fail to follow these, there is no support on any of our mail-lists for it's use.

  • we are not supporting or endorsing Kinetic SBS1 or its software or it's uses.

  • we are not responsible for the design of the database nor of BaseStation Reporter

  • it is only designed to display registration and basic types. It does not show which frames or paintscrapes are needed and it will not log them for you. QLU is needed to do that.

  • we are not responsible for keeping it up to date, although we do plan to update and replace the file on a regular basis around every 2-3 months

  • you cannot merge or append our BaseStation.sqb file in to your own existing file. The Kinetic design only allows it to replace your existing file.

  • we recommend that you back-up your existing file but the new file will replace all your existing information and session histories.

By downloading this file, you are accepting all our terms and conditions, some of which are listed above. We accept no liability whatsoever for its use or misuse. We will not provide any support whatsoever. The use of these files is not conditional on being a member of Aerodata. Although the file is freeware, its data and its format are the intellectual property of AERODATA. We do not allow the file to be accessible from anywhere other than this page and the file must not be directly linked to from any other source.

Aerodata's BaseStation.sqb file is designed for Kinetic's BaseStation v1.1.1.129 onwards and may not be compatible with earlier versions.

Due to the improvements in BaseStation v129 onwards, it may be longer practical to keep replacing your .sqb file. If you have populated the 'Interested' field or 'Operator Flag Code' and wish to display the operators, these would all be lost if you replace the .sqb file so we recommend our text file to everyone, and to use our basestation.sqb file purely for new users and beginners.

Note: A SQLite.Data dll related error has resulted in some minor incompatibilities with old versions of GAS's SBSpopulator. Please ensure that you use their Version 13a which is available from Gatwick Aviation Society.


?Aerodata's BaseStation.sqb file (after update 2662 - 04-09-09) is here (5.42Mb - 97,313 records)

The file should be extracted from the downloaded .zip file and copied in to your existing BaseStation folder which is usually c:\Program Files\Kinetic\BaseStation. (For Windows Vista users, the file should be copied to: C:\User\*name*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Kinetic\Basestation ).
The file should be renamed to BaseStation.sqb before using, but please ensure you backup your existing file first.

We have now release more updates solely in the form of a text file. This is prepared in order for it to be imported in to your existing BaseStation.sqb file without effecting your existing sightings and sessions, although we would again stress the need to back up your existing file first. The file contains exactly the same information as our .sqb file and contains the necessary separators needed for the data to be imported.

To be able to import the data, you must use the 'Import major fields' function on the SBS-1 Populate program available freely as a download from Gatwick Aviation Society

The function can be found under their menu item >File. After saving our text file to your desktop, you will need to point the import routine to the file. After clicking on 'Open', the file will start to import and you will be able see the records enter.

The GAS program and their website have detailed instruction and help files. As above, Aerodata will not be providing help & support for the text file.

Aerodata's BaseStation.txt file (after update 2667 - 14-09-09) is here (673Kb - 97,313 records)