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Mode S & QLU customers

Database - Reset password

Resetting your password at renewal or after a system crash.

When your renewal notice comes up and you have renewed your annual subscription, or if you have had a system problem which has meant you having to re install the database you will have to reset the security system and obtain a new password and validation file from us.

This is done by following the procedure below.

  1. Open Aerodata Quantum+ Security as usual, but use the password 'RESETPASSWORD'. You will get a Lockout3 error message - click OK - the security system will close down.
  2. Open Aerodata Quantum+ Security again, and this time type the password 'ADQUANTUMPLUS'. The Security System will then perform a search of your hard drives, this can take up to 30 minutes. Once this has finished the Security program will display your new Registration Code.  If you get a 'Temporary Loggings Exceeded' message then press OK, once you have made a note of your registration code.    
  3. Double click on the password string to create a text file on desktop, attach it to an email    
  4. E-mail your Name, Registration Code, Customer ID number DIRECT to the HelpLine e-mail address
  5. The Help Desk will send you your new password and your own individual ADSM.ADS file.
  6. Place the ADSM.ADS file in the same directory you placed the database in when you originally installed it. (e.g. 'c:\adqplus\')