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Website problems

To download any update files you must sign in. You can no longer bypass the pages and go direct to the file.

To sign in goto: user

If you can't remember your password goto: user/password and enter either your name or your e-mail address that you receive Aerodata mail-list emails to and press the button. You'll then get an email (to the same address) that will provide further help.

"Username" is your name in the format of "Forename Surname"After signing in your name will appear at the top of the right side menu. If it doesn't, reload/refresh the page or click on the menu to open a different page - it will then.

If you have problems in actually downloading update files, this may be caused by your firewall software. Please read here for solutions to these problems.

There are lots of help and additional pages linked to solve all the errors we've uncovered so far. Please follow all these first before emailing for help.

Do not phone the support helpline about any related problems - email tech-support instead confirming that you have followed all these instructions.

We've tried to make this as simple as possible and have added as much help as possible. For 95% of you there will be no problems.

For the other 5%, it is possible that there is something different about your internet setup that is causing conflict. When emailing tech-support, please include as much information as possible about what internet related software your running.

Update 24/02/09: This site has been exhaustively tested with the forthcoming Internet Explorer version IE8 and no problems have been found. There is no reason add to run your new browser in "Compatability mode"..

It continues to be compatable with Firefox (Upto 3.5.2), Google Chrome and Opera.