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Database - Error Codes

DDL MSO9.DLL could not be located______________

This means you are pathed to the main Access application on your computer not the ADQ runtime version. You need to open up the ADQ security screen but DON'T input your password.

Click on 'Change application' and alter the pathing to C:\Program Files\Adaccess\Office\MS ACCESS.EXE (assuming your program is on the C drive, if not change the C at the beginning to the Drive name where ADQ is located.

Lockout code 7___________________________

In the event of getting a "Lockout code 7", you must reset your password and then apply for a new password.

Full instructions to complete this are here

Runtime Error 2281___________________________

The solution to solve the Microsoft Access error, try re-registering the following files:

  • msexcl35.dll (Excel)
  • msxbse35.dll (dBase)
  • mspdox35.dll (Paradox)
  • mstext35.dll (Text, CSV, tab-delimited))

  • To re-register a DLL file

    1) Locate it (usually all these are in the Windows\System32 or WINNT\System32 folder.
    2) Locate the file regsvr32.exe.
    3) Drag the DLL file's icon onto the regsvr32.exe icon.

    This is a known issue with Access not correctly registering files correctly on install and IS NOTHING to do with the database itself. You could get this error if you try and install a full version of Access 97 direct from install media.

    Runtime Error 3050___________________________

    At the end of running an update, the database switched of as usual but a small box appeared saying Runtime Error 3050 - couldn't unlock file with a button. However, it continued as normal and requests the following update in the sequence.

    Runtime Error 3050: Couldn't lock file.

    This error usually means that the folder that contains the ADSM.MDB file does not have full access for the person that gets this error.

    If you get get the error, look for an old ADSM.LDB file and delete it.

    This can also relate to a compact that possibly did not finish thus creating a second version of the database called ADSM1.mdb, if this is the case then delete ADSM1 and all should be OK. However, make sure you still have ADSM.mdb remaining before deleting ADSM1 !!

    Changing security settings to give that person (or a user group to which the person belongs) full access usually solves the problem. If not check the security setting on the .MDB file itself and make sure that the person or user group has full access.

    Runtime Error 3112___________________________

    When your error message reads:

    Runtime error 3112 Records can?t be read, no permission on C:\Adqplus\Adsm.mdb

    Two potential solutions :

    On the opening screen of the secutiy program, there is a box marked Apply VBA332.DLL etc. If you tick this box and then say yes, OK or continue to any prompts. This may cure the fault.

    or if this fails,

    The fault may be repairable unless you have a version of Office 97 on your PC. If you have go into the repair facility and click on repair database and point it at adsm.mdb wherever you have it installed.
    If you do not, a reinstall is required !!(29th July 2006)

    Runtime Error 3127___________________________

    Runtime error 3127 can be caused when bringing up an Operators list and getting the following error:

    Runtime error 3127

    The INSERT INTO statement contains the following unknown field name: 'mode_s'. Make sure you've typed the name correctly and try the operation again.

    This is caused when at some point you have omitted a patch which added a new field.

    This particular time is caused by missing patch 32 or 32A.
    Try these but if it does not fix the fault then it was a patch supplied way back and probably would be best to get a new CD and reinstall.

    (Paul Turnbull - 8th July 2006)

    Runtime Error 3170___________________________

    When trying to import the fieldlog spreadsheet into your database, if you get a Runtime Error 3170......

    The problem is caused by a missing, or not registered, file called Msexcl35.dll. This should be contained in your %:\windows\system32 folder.

    A copy of the file can be obtained from the following URL:

    After placing the file in the system32 folder as above it can then be registered by clicking on Start, Run and typing

    regsvr32.exe %:\windows\system32\msexcl35.dll

    Press OK and you should get a message that the file has been registered correctly.

    '%' represents whichever hard drive you have windows installed on - usually C:\ but could any other letter.

    Runtime Error 3315___________________________

    When trying to rebuild the logbook statistics, if you get message
    "Run-time errror 3315. Field 'LogStats1.Year1' can't be zero-length string"

    You must have either a blank line in outstandings or more likely a paintscrape without a date check for no place date in your loggings, outstandings & paintscrapes. This will need to be traced and either deleted or completed.

    Runtime Error 3343___________________________

    IF you get :
    Run time error 3343. unrecognized database format 'C:\Adqplus\adqb.mdb
    You just need a blank copy of that file to replace the corrupted copy.

    Unfortunately, IF you get :
    Run time error 3343. unrecognized database format 'C:\Adqplus\ADSM.mdb

    This would mean that your database has been unrecoverably corrupted and will need to be reinstalled either using your existing CD or by ordering a new disk from Paul Turnbull.

    QLU error MS-007 or MS007___________________________

    QLU does not expire, but it does rely on having a valid ADQ+ system.

    QLU will stop working a day or so before ADQ+.

    This means that ADQ+ is probably up for renewal soon. Everyone needs to renew every 12 months, even if you are on a direct debit. If you get this message then there it?s probably been 12 months since you last installed ADQ+ and asked for a password. So your normal password is about to expire.