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Database - Backing Up

Backing up loggings to a remote drive. This doesn't include Photographic loggings or Flight logs.

To back your loggings to a Floppy, CD, or Zip drive, which we STONGLY recommend carry out as follows.
  1. First open the database and then close it back down again this will ensure the backup file that comes with the database has the latest information re your loggings inside it.
  2. Then go into My Computer or Windows Explorer and locate and open the Adqplus Folder, which will be on the drive you originally loaded the database on to (ie either "C" or "D" drive).
  3. Once inside the Adqplus Folder locate and open the Qback folder. Inside this folder you will find a file called Adqb (an mdb file with a picture of a key on it). This is your backup file and is precious to you !!
  4. Right click on this file and go down to "copy" and left click on "copy", this has now copied the information to the windows clipboard.
  5. The next bit depends on where you are going to store your backup file as to how you go about it and I will explain the easy options first (CD or Memory Stick) then the option to save to Memory stic will be a bit easier to understand when I explain that.
  6. Put a CD or Memory stick into the respective drive or USB Port in the PC.
  7. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer again and open the Memory stick or CD icon by double clicking on it. If the media is a blank CD or Zip it will show a blank page, right click on this page and go down to "paste" and left click on "paste" this will then put the previously copied file (adqb) on to that drive making it totally safe and away from the PC in case you have a system failure.

Because a floppy disk only has, in normal cases, a capacity of 1.44mb and you have loggings of more than say 10,000 frames the adqb file will not fit on one floppy disk. So before you carry out the backup routine explained above you need to prepare 2 or more disks to accept the file. You do this with Winzip as follows.

  1. Put one formatted blank floppy into the A drive , go into Windows Explorer or My Computer and double click on the A drive icon . As I stated before this will bring up a blank page.
  2. Right click on this page and go to "New" and then "Winzip File". This will create a file called "New Winzip on the floppy.
  3. You then carry out the instructions A to D shown above which will copy the file to the clipboard. But then you go into My Computer or Explorer find the A drive double click on it, which will show you the New Winzip
  4. You then right click on this file go down to "paste" and left click on "paste". The backup file will then start to copy itself to the floppy but after a few moments will ask you to insert a 2nd disk and more if required. Once completed the light on your A drive (floppy drive) will go out telling you the operation is completed.