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Aerodata Press Releases

Note: The figures quoted in these press releases were those current at the time, showing how much has been added to the databases since that time.


Aerodata launches 'QuantumLite' Aviation database
(1st March 2003).

Aerodata is pleased to announce the release of their new QuantumLite product. QuantumLite is a cut down version of the highly successful QuantumPlus Aviation database, and is designed to complement the existing QuantumPlus product.

The QuantumLite database offers 95% of the functionality of the QuantumPlus product, but has a smaller amount of records. It is designed to cater for those enthusiasts who want the flexibility and functionality that the QuantumPlus product offers, but who do not want the large coverage that is supplied with that product. QuantumLite contains records on approximately 118,000 aircraft (350 types), as opposed to the 830,000 aircraft (over 5000 types) currently offered by QuantumPlus. The areas covered by QuantumLite are Airliners, Biz-Jets, Biz-Props, Military Transports/Tankers, and Maritime aircraft.

The QuantumLite database benefits from using the same underlying system as QuantumPlus, and is supported by the same team of 30 editors and support personnel as it's larger brother.